Purchases in 2008 (post-Fix)


I'm not sure how this is going to go.  I'd like to carefully consider everything I buy, without obsessing over it.  I'd like to research my purchases for responsible sourcing, packaging, and transportation - without compromising the rest of my life's activities and goals.  Above all, I'd like to keep the buying of new goods to a minimum.  And I don't think a thing here and there is a bad thing.

Designer shirt (jan 08) 

Cheapo mascara for a performance (jan 08) 

Cover for my new phone - recycled plastic (jan 08) 

Dr. Bronner's soap (jan 08) 

Designer suit & pants (jan 08) 

Baby gift (jan 08, may 08) 

Mints (jan 08, feb 08, march 08, may 08) 

Bottled water - by accident! (jan 08) 

New shoes (jan 08) 

H & M clothes - gift certificates (jan 08, april 08) 

Birthday gift (feb 08, may 08) 

Bath oil (feb 08) 

Resume paper (feb 08) 

Toilet paper - 100% recycled (march 08, april 08, june 08 - 2x) 

Nau dress (march 08) 

Dance knee pads (march 08) 

Reference book (march 08)

New headset for my phone - I lost mine (march 08) 

Glass jars - gift (april 08) 

New eyeglasses (april 08)

Cd - a friend's band, with a handmade cover (april 08) 

Bras & underwear (may 08) 

External hard drive (may 08) 

Magazines for an art project (may 08) 

Bug bite reliever (june 08)

Netflix dvds that got lost (june 08)

More Nau clothes (june 08)

Kill-A-Watt energy usage meter - gift (june 08)

Recycled paper and printer ink (june 08) 

Seventh Generation laundry soap (june 08)

Bottle of Vitamin Water (june 08)

Birthday gifts (june 08) 

Moleskine notebook, unruled of course!  (june 08)