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A coupla little things for this week:

My friend, an occupational therapist, has designed a lifestyle modification course for USC faculty and students with the environment as a focus.  She sent me this article, which explains how she's teaching people how to choose the lesser of environmental evils - or the better of goods - like when to pick local produce over organic, for example.  If you had 8 tips to share with the most earth-unfriendly people you know, what would they be? 

I went to a concert this week that was produced with Reverb, a company that is "greening" concert tours by offsetting carbon footprints, offering eco-literature, and promoting recycling.  (Is there anything that can't be greened these days?)  Their 2008 list looks a little sparse - maybe you can get the word out in one of the fan clubs you belong to...?  Do you think Reverb's trouble is worth the effort?

Finally, if you haven't yet heeded my command to read Kunstler's Long Emergency (ahem), now you can watch the movie, A Crude Awakening: The Oil Crash.  It's not Kunstler's movie, but it's got the same themes and warnings.  Compelling watching, with great archival footage -- and it sparked a good debate between friends about whether freaking people out is a useful strategy for eliciting the change we need.  This movie makes the argument that if more people knew what we are up against in the coming years, more corporations and governements would be working day and night to find real solutions.  Share it with at least 10 friends.

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