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This weekend in NYC: treasure and trash

Swap-O-Rama-Rama: I am so excited to participate in this gigantic DIY fashion event!  The mama of all clothing swaps, this one features workshops and sewing machines and a fashion show in addition to pounds and pounds of treasure, yours for the taking for $10 and a bag of clean clothes.  I've been following this event for a couple of years now and I am really looking forward to checking it out!  Here's a link to Life Less Plastic's description of her experience in Chicago.  Sunday, April 27 - 2pm to 7pm, at the NYU Kimmel Building, Washington Square South.

Missed the last NYC Dept. of Sanitation e-waste event?  Head down to Tekserve, where you can drop off your unwanted electronics Saturday (10-4), Sunday (10-4), and Monday (4-7).   They'll enter you to win nifty Apple products and you can get $25 off a new computer purchased in the next 30 days.  Love that Tekserve!  Even if you don't have e-waste at the moment, support the independent Apple specialists who do a lot for the NYC community in the arts, the environment, and education.  119 W. 23rd.

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There is also electronic and textile recycling this Saturday at Grand St High school in Brooklyn, 850 Grand St. That's where I'm going to bring my broken cell phone finally.


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