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A new blog to love

If my blog looked into the mirror, reached in, and pulled out its opposite, it would be Buy-By Brian, Brian W. Jones's blog detailing everything he's purchased since August 2007.  His posts are artful and thoughtful, and he sent me a really sweet note about our respective projects.  In a way, it's much easier to define something in the positive, as he is doing, than it is to define something in the negative, as I tried to do with Fix.

Most interesting is Brian's categorizations of "want/need."  You can sort all of his entries this way, and it reveals telling things about our culture.  Honestly, many citizens of the world would label 100% of Brian's "needs" as wants.  But to be fair, many of the things he needs are culturally or socially dictated.  Or they follow a logic like, "if you're gonna ____, then you need a ____."  Drillling down this way provides a lot of insight into the parent activity, such as biking or working in a particular field.  The devil is in the details: if you read carefully, you begin to experience how even the most prosaic of choices can inspire serious reflection.  (Not that I know how this guy lived before all of his stuff got stolen.)  Enjoy!

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