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Hosed again!

At the beginning of the July experiment I had to pay .75 for air for my bike tires - totally ridiculous - because that's what the gas station closest to my house sells it for. Since then, I've been on the lookout for free air. Last week, I remembered that my local bike shop gives away air when it's open (which requires a little planning). Last week I also went riding with a friend who has all the bike gear: a great bike, clips, shorts, water bottles, etc. He was giving me a hard time about my tires, indicating that I might be able to keep up with him if only I had more air in my tires. With his words ringing in my ears and perhaps feeling a little bad about my beater bike, sneaks, and secondhand gloves, I stopped at the bike shop for the free air. Now listen, I didn't think my tires were really flat, but since he's got all the gear and obviously knows all about bikes, I filled my tires as full as I could and rode away. Later that night, I'm working peacefully in my apartment and of course one of the tires explodes! So now I've got to change the tube - lucky for the Pseudo Freegan Challenge I had one kicking around - and go back to the .75 place!

All for a little free air. Serves me right.

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